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Oil and Gas activities unless controlled by strict procedures and checks have great potential to pollute the environment. Hence we have developed and put in place well‐defined procedures to make everyone aware of this danger; and to identify, control and eliminate this potential in every sphere of activities. Ultimately this aspect reduces the possibilities of negative impact on environment resulting out of operations.

Our efforts to reduce wastes and the requirement of huge waste disposal are regulated by the control of consumptions and method of waste recycling. Reuse policy is also a part of Winex Petroleum.

Winex Petroleum as an ISO 14001 compliant company strive to avoid activities which impact or have potential to impact on environment by continuous improvement of procedures and adopting technology innovations.

For Winex Petroleum, the words Quality, Health & Safety, Security, Environmental protection & Energy Conservation are more than obligations set forth by International standards. From project planning to completion, we believe that respecting the above values is essential for our productivity, efficiency and Customer satisfaction.