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Marine & Rov



We maintain a fleet with diverse capabilities and can provide the right vessel to meet our customer’s needs. Our vessels serve drilling, production and support offshore construction and maintenance work. For instance, Multi-purpose supply vessels provide a combination of remote subsea intervention services, remote operated vehicle (ROV) operations, Deepwater lifting & installation, delivery of supplies, firefighting, and oil spill recovery. In addition, there are other boats that carry out maintenance work, pollution control and diving support.

Platform supply vessels (PSV) range in length from 190 feet to over 250 feet. These vessels provide the support needed for Deepwater drilling and production operations. In addition, these vessels have the capability of handling the more typical construction and maintenance tasks of standard offshore supply vessels. Our vast PSV fleet allows customers to focus on special requirements such as dynamic positioning, methanol capability, high volume liquid mud and dry bulk capabilities, or to choose the vessels that can handle it all adding maximum flexibility to their chartered fleet.

However, Since the introduction of ROVs into the commercial world in 1970’s, unmanned vehicles have become essential not only in the exploitation and development of Deepwater oil and gas reserves – far beyond the reach of divers -but also in many other areas. Robotics technology developed primarily for the ROV industry has also been adapted for a wide range of other applications, including the space exploration and the building of the Space.

The next step in advancing the technology was performed by commercial firms that saw the future in ROV support of offshore oil operations. Building on this technology base; the offshore oil & gas industry created the work class ROVs to assist in the development of offshore oil fields. Their tasks range from simple inspection of subsea structures, pipeline and platforms to connecting pipelines and placing underwater manifolds. They are used extensively both in the initial construction of a sub-sea development and the subsequent repair and maintenance.

With ROVs working as deep as 10,000 feet in support of offshore oil and other tasks, the technology has reached a level of cost effectiveness that allows organizations to operate vehicles that range from small inspection vehicles to deep ocean research systems. It was once thought that something thrown into the ocean was lost and gone forever