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Nigerian Content Development



At Winex Petroleum Resources Limited (Winex), maximization in Nigerian content is our way of doing business.

From the conceptualization of the company, we are determined that the maximization of Nigerian content is not only necessary for the success of the company but it is the right thing to do.

As a company that is bound to professionalism and world class services, Winex alongside its joint venture and foreign technical partners, without compromising safety is fully committed to training, development and support technically competent and capable Nigerians, who may be employed either on contract or full in line with Winex employment procedure.

We commit ourselves to genuine transfer of knowledge to the indigenous participation (Corporate and individual) in Nigeria’s oil and gas industry and advancing the socio-economic empowerment of the Nigerian people.

Our partners have sincere and specific interest/mandate in developing business in Nigeria, as part of a strategic objective to expand their portfolio of international clients.

Winex and its joint ventures partners will maximize local participation, to the extent possible, in project which will result in significant local content, engaging knowledge transfer and community development. This will ensure that a greater proportion of the project activities will be done locally.

In actualizing our local content development, we shall put in place an action plan that aims at pursuing the eventual maximization of Nigeria content in all our activities.

This comprehensive plan will cover all aspects of awarded project scope regarding :

  • Procurement and inspection
  • Project Management
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Facilities Management (HVAC, Fabric, NDT & Rope Access etc)
  • Construction & Installation
  • Automation, Dimensional Control & Inspection, and Instrumentation Control
  • Testing Supervision and commissioning
  • As-built documentation

Winex will work in close concert with our joint venture partners who will serve as the focal point for all Nigerian content matters. Our policy shall consistently focus on getting all our goods and services to the extent possible through competent and capable Nigerian companies and subcontractors. Our search for subsequent options would only be employed when needed within the terms of project schedule options only be employed when needed within the terms of project schedule or until we are certain that such services or goods are locally available. Such decisions must, at all times, be inline with the project scope and schedule

Winex shall add value to the Nigerian economy by the following methods:

  • Use of Nigerian raw materials. Although Winex is not a producer of raw materials as such, we shall purchase all our cutting and welding gases in Nigeria. These materials aree produced locally by extracting oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
  • Constant evaluation of the Nigerian work force to determine, and for full realization of adequate number of locally available crafts persons to perform and work outlined in our business development plan. We shall only import enough necessary upper level Managers and Supervisors to ensure that projects stays on track.
  • Assembly of fabricated structural and poiping systems shall be performed entirely in Nigeria.
  • All fabrication of structural and piping systems shall be performed entirely in Nigeria.
  • All warehousing of materials, consumables, tools and equipment shall be performed entirely in Nigeria.
  • Training our Nigerian staff starts from day one of their employment and shall continue throughout their tenure in the company. This shall include not only HSE training but applicable and necessary craft, supervisory and management training both within and outside Nigeria shores.