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K-ROV 01 & 02

  • Acquired in 2011
  • 125HP SMD ‘Quasar’ General purpose – Work Class ROV with Top Hat Tether Management System holding 400 metre excursion umbilical;
  • Capable of survey, construction and drill support roles in waters up to 2,000 metres in depth;
  • Comprises of an air conditioned control cabin, workshop, integrated winch and HPU and an ‘A’ frame launch system capable of safe launch and recovery in Sea state 6.

K-ROV 03

  • Acquired in 2011;– Fitted with a Tritech Super SeaKing Sonar, Kongsberg high-definition/low-light camera, dual five function light duty manipulator, and CP proximity and contact probes;
  • Includes a Tether Management System with a stainless steel cage and 200 metres of excursion tether. An A-frame launch and recovery system is included with 1,600 metres of armored umbilical;
  • The topside air-conditioned control and workshop container is rated for Zone 2 hazardous area operations.

K-ROV 04

  • Acquired in 2012;
  • Eight 500 volt horizontal thrusters and dual power supplies;
  • Fitted with Schilling Orion manipulators for heavy duty manipulative tasks;
  • Highly suited for work tasks including drill support, pipeline survey, salvage, cleaning, dredging and IRM to depths of 1000 metres;
  • Incorporates an interchangeable tooling facility. Dedicated tooling.