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For Winex Petroleum, respect towards local communities, societies, unique cultures and their ways of life include but not limited to:

  • Supporting community developments and national economies by actively participating in local projects.
  • Complying with our anti‐bribery and anti‐corruption policies, across all the countries we operate.
  • Sharing our experience within various organizations that are working to improve and industry guidance and best practices.



Winex is committed to the enhancement of the community in which we work. To facilitate this, Winex shall:

  • Always endeavor to be abreast of community relations developmental issues.
  • Winex shall make allowance for the free of charge provision of a facility that will be beneficial and located in the main community. The Construction of this facility shall be tied to the site construction works.
  • Winex shall employ members of the surrounding host communities for the non-skilled aspects of the site work, and where skilled and competent community personnel are identified and available, Winex shall employ such personnel.
  • Winex shall also subcontract certain non-critical aspects of the site job to the registered companies in the communities.
  • Winex CLO shall ensure that all staff avoids situations where a quarrel ensues between them and community members to avoid any unwarranted incidence.
  • Audit its Community Development Program regularly for the purpose of evaluating its achievements and identifying areas of improvement.
  • Continue to maintain a vibrant community/corporate affairs department and a good relationship with the host community at all times.
  • As much as possible execute set community development plans and shall participate effectively in community development programs.
  • Exhibit a high sense of respect for the culture and traditions of host communities.
  • Operate in such a manner as would minimize the generation of waste in host communities.
  • Ensure that all wastes generated in host communities in the course of its operations are properly and promptly disposed off.
  • Operations within the host communities shall be conducted in such a manner that would minimize and if possible eliminate environmental impacts.
  • As much as possible operate in such a way that the lives of the people within any given host community are safeguarded.

On the whole, Winex shall cautiously and positively affect the lives in host communities and wherever our operations are carried out.